Autumn Leaves


Welcome to this channel built around the walk in faith. We want to invite you to come along on our Faithful journey as we travel the USA to where ever the Lord leads us. 


 I felt the Holy Spirit come to me several months back as I was replying to a friend about something that had nothing to do with the Lord yet my fingers were typing things I had never even thought of doing. I typed to him that I am going to sell all of our belongings and start traveling to where every God leads us and going to different churches every Sunday and spreading the word of our Savior. This was a big shock to me once it left my fingers and yet I still sent it. I knew that was God I knew it deep in my being but I feared the life change, I feared selling all my children’s belongings and leaving a comfortable living in a house with a yard and a stable income. I feared if it would be good or bad for the children to live like that, I feared.... BUT then I thought about how a camper strangely came into our position a few months back and yet it is small and needed work it was such a perfect tool for what was lane before us. He has been laying this in my path and guiding me before I ever knew. I know this is the path and life change my family has been destined for and now I am preparing for Faith’s Journey. 


Many of us battle in giving full faith to the Lord and believe he really will take care of us. I made it my mission to “let my faith be stronger than my fear; Hebrews 13:6” I work on my faith every day and many I fall short. I came from a very bad place in life, I was raised by substance abusers and was extremely abused myself. When I was a teenager I lost myself to abuse and let the devil lead me. I ran away at 14 to another state with just the cloths on my back and a little bit of money. I got a job landscaping for a while and was able to pay for a hotel room but I ended up quitting my job and was running out of money fast for the hotel. ONE beautiful day ( was truly one of my darkest nights) I walked to a bridge with tears flying off my face because I had just been raped (of not just my body but everything I had left in my soul), I was ready to jump but with a plea to the God I did not worship I cried out “If there is a God and you are truly real, please help me, help me, I am so lost and I no longer want to live on this earth with all this pain”. In that split second I felt a heavy weight leave my body and all the pain was gone, my heart no longer yearned for death and I felt like there was  someone there that cared and was holding me with love. I soaked up the tranquil feeling and all I could say was “thank you” with tears of joy now falling from my face and a heart filled with a peace that I never had felt before. I walked off that bridge that night and woke up the next morning to a beautiful soul, my old boss I landscaped for, She said “Jesus told me to find you and help you”. I was in disbelief but I knew it was him.  Her and I sit and talked about everything and was in tears at how we witnessed his true workings. She took me to the greyhound and sent me back to the state I was from to a church family she knew of from her church. That group of people were my angels. I was so foreign to how the family lived, they where nice and happy and did several family activities. I ended up missing my mom so much but the family didn’t feel it was a good idea to let me see her which lead to me to calling my mom and her picking me up in the middle of the night. I ended up forgetting about that beautiful moment with our savior and got back into the substance abuse and life style. One day when I was 18 I looked in the mirror and said “I’m tired of letting the bad people of my passed keep controlling me and paving my future”. I changed my life that day and decided to take my life back and live it to the best that I could. I know he was there with me that day giving me the strength. It still took me many years to truly find my way back to him but he never losses faith in me because he knows my path and my heart. I am still learning the way but everyday I get closer and closer with him and every day is a journey of faith for my family. 

I now am married with four amazing children of God. My children are strong in their faith and remind me everyday how amazing and blessed we are. My oldest (20) is my inspiration she holds such charismatic beauty in her faith and does not weaken to the devils temptations. I know her and her equally yoked soulmate will find each other some day and have a beautiful faith filled journey. My 6 year old son and 4 year old daughter see the Bible stories in their daily life as they role play outside. My 6 year old looks forward to bible time every night which fills my heart with such happiness. My other little boy is about to be a year and is filled with love and faith. My husband and our broken souls trying to find our way while traveling FAITH’S JOURNEY.

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