Faithful Blessings

The road isn’t easy but these little blessings  fill my heart and make it easy to keep pushing forward. We don’t have a lot but we have learned to be crafty to where they get to live a pretty awesome life and not go without. I’m a very thrifty shopper and most things we own weren’t new when we bought them but our little Dino’s never think about that, they are just thankful for them and the time they get with us. Their favorite things to do every day is play with me and get thrown by daddy when he gets home. Sunday is their favorite day not only because it’s  the day of the lord but it’s the day they get to spend with their daddy and I’m pretty sure he’s their favorite person right now LOL. We value the little time we have and try our best to make wonderful memories as we walk through our lives. Every day is a true blessing and we don’t know if we will be here tomorrow. I look at my children grow and it gives me an ache of sadness because I’m going to miss them one day like I already miss little things from when they were younger BUT I am truly thankful with all my heart that I am able to watch them grow older and older. I would live on penny’s over and over again for the beautiful blessings I have. My children don’t know we barely get by and we ask nothing from anyone so I know we are living a wonderful life and doing our best to get it right. I do pray one day that finances will be better where we won’t worry about bills and where we can buy the good ice cream ;-) but most of all a day where we can comfortably have daddy home more would be amazing. Until then we will continue to live our best life with what we got at the same time keep fighting for better and always being thankful we even have what we have. Thank you Lord for all that you do and all the blessings. I pray I always am able to see them and value them as they are a true gift and what truly matters in this life. Amen

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