Life’s Little Blessings

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Life with kids isn’t always pretty but it’s never dull. Children are such a beautiful blessing and bring so much joy, but we all know they also bring lots of messes. One day the messes will be no more and the cute little snuggles and hands wrapped around our finger will be long gone. So it’s very important to remember even the hardest of times will pass and moments will be no more. Value even the little things and cherish the moments that we are blessed with because everything changes and time still keeps moving.   


Life with kids is always busy. They start out needing us for every little thing. We are their teachers, guiders, influencers. We are the ones that help mold who they will be one day. They are the future!  


 Life with kids is the most amazing blessing one could have and how we raise them is the most important thing we can do. We are their hero’s for such a short time and then they begin to find other hero’s to model themselves around, make sure to be the best you can so one day they will model themselves around the values you bestowed on them.   


Life with kids isn’t always pretty but it’s always a beautiful blessing. One day the messes will be no more, one day the tushy will no longer need wiped, one day the house will forever be quiet.   


Enjoy the moments, the messes, the loudness because one day it will all be a memory.

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