How to #shorts

As many of us know #shorts have become a trending thing on yt so I thought I would give a little bit of tips on what I have learned about them in hopes to help others with them.


1: Always record vertical and at 1080

2: Edit with 9:16

3: Either add #shorts to the title or description not both.

4: Make sure its catchy enough to bring the viewers to your page to see your other content.


If any of you have more tips to share that can help others on their journey to having a successful channel please don‘t hesitate to share.


We are all here to help each other grow


When your eyes open to the new day smile.

Smile and feel it in your heart. Look in the mirror and smile.

Wash your hands of what ever negative you may feel and start your day fresh and happy.

Your smile will bring so much joy to others and create a day worth smiling for.

We all have bad days and we all make mistakes but we have all survived them and lived to greet another day. Life goes on. Forgive your self, forgive others.


Here’s a few key tips on using seo that helps me rank.

first off I’d like to thank Tony Blood for all his help in teaching me seo.

1: keyword/tags are your best friend, use them over and over in your  description, title, thumbnail...

Also copy and paste your tags and place them in the bottom of your description. This will help those keywords with ranking your video.

2. Be sure to keep your title between 54 - 61.

3. Saying the keywords inside of your video.

4. Having time stamps and being sure to start them with 00:00.

5. Pin a comment and try to reply to all of them. 


Here’s some tips on an easier way to rank up with the most viewed videos.

1. Search youtube for your video topic that you’re planning on posting.


2. Pick a few of the highest viewed videos and research it in detail.


3. Use what tags that fit your video and revise their description to fit yours. 

4. The idea is to mimic the top viewed videos so that you get yours ranked next to them.